29. June 2020 |

Neue Tanz-Klasse


Ab Freitag, 3. Juli werden wir eine regelmäßige Contemporary Dance Klasse im Studio anbieten! Ariel, eine unserer neuesten Trainerinnen, freut sich, Dich kennenzulernen:

In this open level contemporary dance class we will move, dance together in the space, with the floor, with one another and with our own body. I will share Improvisation tools I use in my own practice, as well as principles of floor work technique and spiral movement which infinitely fascinate me. 
Ariel Hayun (DE/IL) is a dancer and a Pilates Instructor. She has worked as a dancer among others with Jérôme Bel, Ingri Fiksdal, Ahmed Khemis, João Cidade and Julyen Hamilton. Ariel choreographed her own works and is currently based as a freelance dancer in Berlin.Instagram: elliethalassa / pilates.andi