Lunchtime Pilates

Ami Garmon

Thursdays 12:00-13:00 @Studio

Gain strength and length from the inside out in this energetic Power Pilates workout.

The Successful Beginner

Ami Garmon

Saturdays 10:30 @Studio

Improve your Pilates and your Yoga practice with the fundamentals of biomechanics and body control!

Power Pilates

Susan Tobiason

Mondays | Wednesdays 18:30 online
Wednesdays 18.30 @Studio

On Wednesdays the studio class will be simultaneously live streamed as online class (only the teacher will be filmed).

Gain strength & length from the inside out in this energetic & powerful Pilates class. We focus on Pilates principles such as precision, proper mechanics of the power-house that engage use of the breath, and dynamic alignment. The results: a "Return to Life" -- inner power, an articulated (and beautiful) body, grace, an intelligent mind.

Susan's classes are always based in the Classical Pilates method (Romana Kryzanowska/New York style - Contrology with a deliberate pace) and she believes that just like dance, Pilates is a practice.

Barre Pilates

Susan Tobiason

Mondays | Wednesdays 20.00 online
Wednesdays 20.00 @Studio

On Wednesdays the studio class will be simultaneously live streamed as online class (only the teacher will be filmed).

This class is a mix of elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. In each energizing and targeted workout, you’ll use the barre and props such as mini-balls and small hand weights to sculpt and stretch your entire body.  Exercises include a deep understanding of alignment and dance kinetics.

Pilates Equipment Quartet

Ami Garmon

Wednesdays 19.00 | Saturdays 09.00 @Studio

I believe passionately that the best way to feel better and improve our lives is through empowered and supported movement. 

My teaching style combines classical Pilates repertory with a contemporary understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and an individual’s needs.  I strive to meet my students wherever they are, without judgement or expectation. That being said, I do like to push my students to find new and deeper sensations and movements!

As a dancer, I have experienced many different techniques and approaches to movement. I often incorporate these styles, including contemporary dance, yoga, Gyrokinesis, Feldenkrais, and Klein Technique, into my teaching.

Direct 25€/USC +15€

Remedy System 3D Fusion Training on the Ball with Ami (EN/DE/FR)

Ami Garmon

Saturdays 12.00 @Studio

This class is open for the healthy and experienced practionner (at least one year of Pilates experience). This is a fun class that keeps you moving over moving surfaces as you execute the exercises. These will playfully challenge your balance and core control while developing your skills in the Pilates Method. Working with foam rollers, trigger point balls, and therabands, the exercises are selected to restore balance to the length/tone relationship of the musculature and myofascial chains essential for maintaining good health and improving posture.

Release Techniques, Bodywork and 3D Pilates Mat Exercises with Ami (EN/DE/FR)

Ami Garmon

(Recently not scheduled)

Whole-body-oriented mat class with emphasis on strengthening the deep core musculature of the abdomen and the back, and on mobilization of the spine.

You will enjoy a varied course of exercises, with some use of small equipment such as rollers, circles, balls and Therabands.

This class is open to all.

Personal Training sessions also available.