Dance Fun for Kids aged 3-4

Susannah Bartels

Expectedly from June 2020: Tuesdays from 16:00-16:35. 

As an artist and a JAZZ signer I am passionate about teaching children the pleasures of DANCE and MUSIC at the earliest age.

My method for teaching the little ones starting at age 3 builds on every person's innate joy in movement and energy, and incorporates basic ballet exercises, choreographies to learn and practice, as well as intuitive free dance.

In order to sustain the kids' joy and energy in dance class I am mindful of maintaining an intuitive balance between instructed dance sequences and free movement play. I also intersperse relaxation exercises for these little people who already have a full active day behind them. I strive to stay responsive and to make every DANCE CLASS a special experience.

Starting to dance at age 4 is a great gift that helps a child develop in many areas of their life.

Have you ever experienced the pure, heartfelt laughter of children taking part in a dance circle exercise because they feel connected, beautiful, and so happy?

Jazz singer and experienced dance teacher Susannah Bartels has designed a unique dance class for your children. She loves to accompany lessons with her voice and on the piano (when available). Her musical selections include Mozart, Beethoven, and other classical works, world music and sounds, drumming, childrens' dance songs, and even favorites from Pippi Longstockings.

Piano and singing accompaniment

Develops instinctive love of movement and dance

Scripted movement sequences, choreographies, story-telling through dance

Attention paid to developing hearing and fine motor skills

Benefits to your children's all-round personal development through DANCE and MUSIC

Free dance and rhythm games

Floor-based relaxation exercises with music

Encouragement to present and perform

Ballet / 5-7 Years Old with Susannah

Susannah Bartels

Expectedly from June 2020: Tuesdays 16.50-17.35

For advanced young dancers and lovers of movement Susannah has done us the honor of relocating her wonderful, long-running Ballet class to Remedy Studio. There are still a few slots left.

Registration and information: