Qi Yoga

Pia Götz

Thursdays 18.30-19.30 @Studio

Qi Yoga is a combination of Hatha Yoga, chinese medicin and mindfulness. Pia invites you to explore the many aspects of Qi in your body and mind, your innermost energy, through a wonderful flow of dynamic movements, meditative moments, sometimes working the muscles and connecting movement with breath, then letting go to passively work the fascia. Mobilisation, stretching and meditation form the basis of these Yoga classes, so that body, mind and soul can harmonise and we can linger in the Here and Now. Pia invites you to arrive and ground yourself, she offers conscious movement and space for relaxation. When the dynamics of Qi becomes more conscious, the inner calm may grow wider and by allowing softness, we can experience our true strength.

Vinyasa Power Flow

Marta Jalkiewicz

Tuesdays 20.00 online

A class to guide and to inspire you to find your practice that feels good. Marta teaches yoga that stands for connection, mindfulness, integrity & happiness.
In her understanding yoga is for everybody regardless of background, age, strength, flexibility or anything else.

Marta's classes of Vinyasa Power Flow are powerful, challenging, sweaty, accompanied by music, based on clear anatomical alignments and supported by hands-on assists.

All classes include a warm up, strength exercises, stretching and a final (deep) relaxation.

During the classes you practice: mindful yoga, self care and conscious breathing. We flow through the asanas, (re)connect, make space, breath, sweat, laugh and fly together. You cleanse your body and mind, find more balance and positive vibes from within.