Outdoor Capoeira

Alex Oliviera

This class is suitable from age 14!

Capoeira class takes 90mins. It usually starts with warm-up, followed by practicing drills, kicks and acrobatics elements. Traditionally, the class finishes with a Roda (circle), where students take turns playing Capoeira with each other while others sing and play instruments, bringing energy to the game. 

What is Capoeira? Capoeira is an afro-brasilian martial art that blends dance, rhythm and body movement like no other sport. It is a whole body workout that develops strength moves, flexibility, coordination and balance. 
Why Capoeira?With Capoeira classes you will learn basic defence-attack techniques and advance your acrobatic skills. Capoeira is a great cardio activity combined with power exercises and stretching. One hour of capoeira burns around 500 calories. 
Capoeira is not only sport, it is also a fun way to learn music, Portuguese language and how to play traditional Capoeira instruments (berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro). 
Do I need special skills to practice Capoeira? You can start with any level of your physical ability and watch how fast you will develop strength and amazing shape. Capoeira is for all age groups and physical conditions. 

Release Techniques, Bodywork and 3D Pilates Mat Exercises with Ami (EN/DE/FR)

Ami Garmon

(Recently not scheduled)

Whole-body-oriented mat class with emphasis on strengthening the deep core musculature of the abdomen and the back, and on mobilization of the spine.

You will enjoy a varied course of exercises, with some use of small equipment such as rollers, circles, balls and Therabands.

This class is open to all.

Personal Training sessions also available.