Ami Garmon


Ami is the head and heart of Remedy. Born in the USA and now living in her adoptive home city of Berlin, she is a certified trainer for Pilates, Yoga and Body-Mind-Coaching. She also continues to enjoy a successful career as a dancer, performing artist, choreographer and writer in Berlin and Paris since 1988. The idea of combining the three systems – Pilates, Yoga and Bodywork – under one roof is based on her own personal story: Already as a young child Ami was a competitive gymnast, until a series of injuries to her back and neck left her partially paralyzed. As a result, standing up straight caused her tremendous pain. Through
intensive private Pilates training she was finally able to find relief from pain and recovered a full range of mobility that she had not had since the age of 14. Convinced of the Pilates training potential, Ami studied and taught for seven years under the guidance of Eduardo Laranjeira in Berlin; she continued to accumulate various Pilates qualifications alongside Michael Fritz, Ton Voogt and Amy Alpers. She studied and practiced Yoga for 14 years in Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow and completed her teacher training education with Cyndi Lee. In addition, Ami studied further developing techniques like touch therapy technique, re-structuring, release technique as well as voice and breathing techniques. Ami is currently enrolled in her second year Spiraldaynamiks education.

You can take full advantage of the Remedy System by taking a private coaching session with Ami. Based on her deep and profound knowledge of the body and mind, she analyzes what condition your body is in and uncovers blockages, postural problems and weak points. She can pinpoint what kind of bodywork is best suited for your needs, whether that means individual Pilates classes or therapeutic treatments for functional ease. You can also benefit from her excellent know-how in Pilates and Yoga by participating in the Remedy Group Classes.

Ami's humor and compassion are the third pillar of helping people move and operate in their bodies to their optimal well being and her client care is at the core of the Remedy System.



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