Josephine Haas


Josephine began twirling in the kitchen at the ripe age of 5. From then on she followed her passion for dance and movement. Josephine began studying Pilates in 2014 at the Art of Control while studying a BFA at the conservatory of dance at The state university of NY at purchase. Realizing her love for dance in Europe after a term abroad At Codarts in 2014 in Rotterdam, NL, Josephine decided to go back. in 2017 Josephine moved to London, UK to pursue her masters in the arts and dance with the Edge dance company based at The Place. While in London she continued her Pilates studies at ‘Kinetic Pilates’ under Romana’s Pilates instructor Rebecca Convey. Josephine realized her passion for Pilates while training with Romana’s Pilates instructor Rebecca Convey. Josephine realized her additional passion for teaching pilates with Rebecca Convey. Upon leaving the UK in April 2018, she continued her studies at The Pilates Studio in The Hague, NL with Marjorie Oren and Jane Poerwoatmodjo. While dancing And working as a freelance artist with Berlin as her main nest, Josephine is currently working towards the advanced level of certification.





Pilates II mit Josephine (EN | Fortgeschrittene)