Our system is uniquely designed to combine the practice and benefits of three complementary philosophies of kinematics and bodywork: Classical Pilates Training, Bodywork and Yoga.

The Remedy System focuses on a holistic view of body and mind. You can choose between the dynamic of group classes or the intensive bodywork of our private sessions. We offer professional guidance and will put together a program designed just for you. Combining these training units will improve your well-being and fitness long-term. You will gain:

Strength, balance, and flexibility
Improved posture and body alignment
Energy and self-confidence
Relief from chronic pain
Rehabilitation after injuries
Harmony of body and mind

At any time during your Remedy training, whether you are new to the studio or have been taking classes for years, we recommend a coaching session and body analysis by Ami. This will help you see where you and your body stand and together with Ami create a training and therapy program tailored to your current individual requests, needs and goals.


Pilates helps you tap into your body’s full potential and control its movements more accurately – you will gain more flexibility. Private Sessions meet your individual needs to help you correct muscular imbalances and weaknesses and reach your personal goals.



Yoga lets you rediscover the deep layers of your inner self. In flowing movement sequences you learn to synchronize your breathing technique (pranayama) and yoga positions (asanas); regular practice will increase your concentration and balance.



Bodywork (Wellness and Therapeutic Treatments) creates more space for the individual parts of your body and gives you more mobility. Massage and Craniosacral Therapy help resolve chronic tension. Your body is restored to its natural balance, alignment and grace.